Get access to Quorum for COVID-19 relief efforts

As we navigate COVID-19 global crisis, we are providing free access to our core platform and app for organisations and teams engaged in the emergency response efforts to COVID-19 crisis.

So if you and your organisation needs to:

  • Mobilise & organise a team of volunteers quickly and efficiently across the territory
  • Organise social rounding-up to take care or localise vulnerable and in need population
  • Get instant and localised data dashboard to identify and respond the crisis
  • Communicate easily and efficiently with your communities (volunteers, donors, citizens…) by email, text messages, dispatching call lists and briefing,  push notifications etc.

We help you to help us. We strongly believe digital can help local communities to fight against this global pandemic. So please get in touch!

Please sign up here

What’s next?

  1. We get in touch with you.

  2. We guide you on how and effectively set up actions with Quorum.

  3. We provide all the support and training you may need.

  4. We fight together! ✊