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Hello everyone!

Guess what?! Your feedback allows us to improve Quorum every day! So keep going with your feedbacks and ideas!

What’s new on the Quorum web platform ?

People tab – interface improvement

The action button in the “People” tab now gathers all the “actions” you may have on your contacts :

• Create an action (door to door, meeting,…)
• Send an email
• Send a text message

• Communication center

A new tab has appeared on your Quorum space ; with new features

The communication center allows you to manage your text message sending functionality, to access key figures on your exchanges with your contact base, but also to write your automatic emails (which was in the organisation settings until now!) and to consult their statistics.

This is the new Quorum's communication center. Build and send automatic email and text message. You can see some analytics about your past shipments.
This is the new Quorum’s communication center. Build and send automatic email and text message.

• Sending text messages

You asked for it, we made it happen!
From Quorum, you can now send text messages to your contact database.

This feature represents multiple advantages:
• Create a simple and fast communication campaign
• Create a direct link with your supporters
• Give an impact to your cause
And so much more…

You can send text message to your citizen from Quorum. Building and sending text message from Quorum platform.
Building and sending text message from Quorum platform.

• Visualisation of mobilisation

On the map, you can view your contact database and your actions. Now, you can also see where your supporters are andthe people that you have met. You can view your territory coverage on your Quorum map! .

• Cross analysis

Until now this feature has been proposed to you in BETA version, we have continued to improve it to offer you an optimal experience.
The main objective of this feature is allowing you to make your own analyses: cross-reference data so that you can define your priority territories before taking action.

You can now cross-analyse data, select a territory that is a priority for you, and launch an action on it!

• New action view ✊

As you may have already noticed, we’ve improved the view of actions. Now You can see directly the date, time, place, and number of people you have invited as well as those who have indicated that they will join in the action.

There’s more! All your actions are arranged in chronological order to give you a global overview over time.
You have the option of editing and defining a past action as well.

What’s new on the mobile app ?

? Good to know: Remember to update your mobile app and refresh your store (AppStore or Google Play) to get the best out of Quorum’s latest features.

• Additional information

When you add someone from the Quorum mobile app, you must fill in certain information concerning that person (name, first name, email address…).

We have improved this functionality by getting to the essential while keeping all the fields necessary for adding someone to your contact database.

As of now, you always have these visible fields:

• First name
• Last name
• Gender
• City
• E-mail
• Mobile phone

And if you want to be even more precise, just tap on “Additional information” and add all the information about the person you met.

• Adding a territory

You can now add the territory of the person you met directly from the “Add a person” and “Ask ” feature.

We have also revised some uses related to these features and have arranged the territories in alpha/numeric order to make things as easy as possible for you!

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