People Management

Make engagement easier

Efficiently manage your relationships with your community, supporters, and contact.

Screen showing citizens in a web application quorum

Manage your people and contacts

  • Manage your centralised database: advanced filters on database
  • Get all your data into one centralised place
  • Use filters and plan your communications
  • Advanced filters to better target

Build a clean dataset

  • Citizen-Relationship Managemer made easy
  • Import contacts on your own
  • Manage full match duplicates or potential duplicates
  • Keep your database & information clean at every step

Organise and motivate your teams

  • Manage authorisation levels and access to information
  • Invite your teams on the mobile app
  • Visualise the progression of your members on the field
  • Communicate with your community, create teams and assign actions to them.
  • Use the badges to identify each person’s assets

Two smartphones displayed showing forms in Quorum

Be mobile and make everyone participate

  • Create surveys
  • Integrate and manage your surveys
  • Manage conditional survey 
  • Set up automatic email
  • Analyse answers in real time
  • Export your surveys’ data

Enjoy modern communication and automation

  • Automated emails and replies
  • Manage communications (text messages and email)
  • Sending text messages & analysis
  • Export data to mail customer
  • Send messages on Whatsapps
    (limited availability depending on geographical area)

and even more

  • Send push notifications to your teams
  • Manage your team (even your big team) and assign role 
  • Deal with multiple data bases

Quorum in action

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