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#MOBILIZE #QuorumGuide

The ultimate door-to-door guide

Change starts with a conversation. Find out how to mobilize your community with canvassing actions and digital canvassing!

#Act #QuorumGuide

The features guide

All Quorum’s features and integrations in one book!
Discover what makes Quorum unique: interface, features, API, support

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Picture with an arm holding a smartphone and title Text Engagement

#Engage #QuorumGuide

Engage people with Text Messaging

95% of text messages are opened. Compared to emails, of which only 18% are opened, there’s no question that Text Engagement represents the best tool to take action in digital mobilisation!

#Calling #QuorumGuide

The calling guide

Discover all the tips and best practices to improve your interactions
with citizens during calling campaigns in Quorum’s ultimate
guide to phone mobilization.


Upcoming Workshops

Every two weeks, the Quorum team welcomes its users to free online workshops.
In-depth toolkits and guidelines, “How to’s” to get the most of your Quorum’s space,  and the best of the best practices (nonprofits, volunteer engagement, data strategy…).
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Quorum’s Blog

Best practices, inspiring stories and latest news!


Quorum Product Updates ✨ June 2021

New features to help you mobilize : export 2.0, new notifications.
Hendrik • approx. 3 min read
USR winning local elections

Campaigning in the face of lockdowns

Discover how USR used Quorum for their 100% digital campaign in Romania
Kaitlin Beach • approx. 5 min read

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