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Jean-Rémi Bertel •  approx. 3 min read

The lock down did not stop us!
What’s new on Quorum? What has been improved in March, April and May 2020?

💻 Web platform

Network effect

This new action allows you to harness the power of your community and truly unleash the network effect ?

All you have to do is to choose the action “Share” on the platform, write down a message, and assign it to your team members.
Your team then receives the action on their mobile app. They can share the message with their friends and family via a text message or on their social media. It takes one simple click!

Network effect, community engagement and GDPR compliance all together!

Action “Share”

Create an action without voters’ files

The action tab has been redesigned and new features have been added!

You can now create an action on any zone; even if you don’t have an address list or a voter file.

This will allow you to create actions on:

Streets where you have contacts: This option allows you to meet your contacts one by one ?

Streets where you don’t have contacts : This new option allows you to cover your entire territory and add citizens to your people base street by street ✊

All streets : This new option allows you to target both the streets where you have contacts and the ones where you have no contact yet ?

Visualize what has been done

This feature allows you to visualize house by house the progress of an action to see your territorial coverage. It’s now easy to see what has been done and what still needs to be done for a door-to-door or boxing action.

When you are on the map, simply select your action to see which areas have been done and which have not.

Map dashboard
Map Dashboard

Details of an action

The action view got a new look! Improved navigation and access to more information such as:

     • the street or area on which you led action

     • simplified view of what has been done and what needs to be done

     • simplified view of which members declared participating to an action

Satellite view

The satellite view is now available on all maps in your Quorum space.

📱 Mobile app


Following many feedbacks, we have improved the “participation” notion in an action. You can’t miss it now!

You can now easily see the members who have indicated that they are participating to the action.

Participation button

Date and time of the action

The date and time of actions are now directly visible from the main view. We’ve arranged them in chronological order, so, you can see the outdated actions at the end of the list for example.

Stay tuned!

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